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Need help with your collections? Through our customer service calling campaigns and debtor tracing, Zenith Financial Group LLC in Atlanta, GA can provide you with a higher rate of recovery for a number of debt items. We have specialized in this form of tracing since we opened our doors and started tracing in 1995.


We offer various ways to approach debtor tracing, and the requirements of our clients and the various solutions to bypass current problems have left us as a market leader with undoubted intelligence and awareness when dealing with our clients. 


Debtor tracing includes:


  • Database Tracing
  • Filter Tracing
  • In-Depth Tracing and In-Depth Negatives
  • Trace and Call Transfer
  • Trace and Contact
  • Trace and Credit Score
  • Trace and Employer Information
  • Trace and Pre-Sue
  • Trace and Serve
  • Trace and Status Work
  • Trace and Telephone Numbers


We utilize calling campaigns, which are more effective than written notices. We strive to identify any disputes and differentiate between problem customers and debtors. First Party Care will lead focused collection efforts for customers who are unwilling to resolve invalid disputes or pay overdue accounts.


Debts we help collect are:


  • Auto Loans and Deficiencies
  • Bad Checks
  • Bank Loans
  • Commercial
  • Credit Card Accounts
  • Insurance Claims Follow-Ups
  • Medical
  • Overdraft Accounts
  • Payday Loans
  • Student Loans


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If interested in learning how we can help you increase your debt recovery through our program, please contact us at Zenith Financial Group LLC in Atlanta, GA. We will begin working with you immediately to develop a plan for your collections process.

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  • Collections
  • Consulting
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  • Skip Tracing